Welcome to Kingston Endodontics

At Kingston Endodontics, our mission is to provide the highest endodontic care possible. Compassion, punctuality, and
attention to detail are extremely important to us. Every step of the way, we do everything we can to maintain a stress-free and safe environment. Our sterilization process adheres to the strictest guidelines and our sterilization equipment is carefully monitored for 100% effectiveness, thereby preventing any risk of cross-contamination.

At Kingston Endodontics, we take the time to discuss all treatment options, including the option of no treatment, if appropriate for your tooth. We take the time to mention all risks and benefits. If there is a way to avoid the need for endodontic treatment, we are all for pursuing alternative treatment plans that are in your best interest. Rest assured, you will never feel rushed. We make sure to include your referring general dentist and other dental specialists in your endodontic treatment plan. We offer long-term evaluation at no charge to evaluate post-root canal treatment healing. Our focus is on providing the care that will lead to longevity of treatment.

Our Mission

Our practice philosophy is focused on improving the quality of life by treating patients as a whole, not just individual teeth. We take into account patient preferences and values. Therefore, we will take the time to evaluate your specific needs. We use innovative technologies which effortlessly allow us to achieve a high level of clinical documentation that helps to communicate with patients and referrals about all aspects of endodontic treatment. Our practice is a paperless fully digital office.

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